Hi, I'm Victoria.

I'm a information junkie, web development hobbyist, and Internet enthusiast.

With my experience in IT and communications, I can make complex systems user-friendly.

I create connections between people, information, and technology.


  • University Group Management Tool
  • Road Trip App
  • Usability Evalution

University Group Management Tool

Spring 2013

As part of an Information Architecture group project, I researched, designed, and implemented a proposed group and email list management tool for University of Texas students, faculty, and staff. The design was refined through several iterations of user testing.

University Group Management Tool

Hit the Road App

Spring 2013

My partner and I created Hit the Road, a mobile application prototype for road trips. I conducted user research to define the project requirements and designed two rounds of low and high fidelity prototypes. The development process included a cognitive walkthrough and peer heuristic evaluation.

Textured Web Design

Bullock Texas State History Museum Usability Test

Fall 2012

I evaluated the usability of the Bullock Texas State History Museum website. Based on an initial heuristic evaluation, my team and I developed a set of test user tasks. After user observation, we formulated several key recommendations to improve the usability of the museum's website.

Textured Web Design
  • School of Information IT Lab
  • Brewery Database
  • YouTube Redesign

IT Lab "Purpleshirt"

As a teaching assistant in the School of Information, I developed short course curricula focusing on web development and design, including courses in HTML/CSS, XML, Adobe Creative Suite and content management systems. I provided one-on-one technology instruction to iSchool students, staff and faculty. Additionally, I maintained and updated IT lab equipment, software, and education resources.

University Group Management Tool

Brew Crew Database

Using a MySQL database and PHP scripting, my team and I created an interactive website with CRUD functionaltiy. On the "Brew Crew" website, users can search for local breweries by location, beer type, or name. Administrative users can log in to the site and edit brewery details.

Textured Web Design

YouTube Redesign

After conducting a design audit of YouTube.com, I created a proposed redesign of the world's most popular video website. My redesign emphasizes emotion-based tagging of videos and sorting capabilites by popularity.

Textured Web Design
  • Responsive University Websites
  • Online Media Competitive Intelligence
  • Women in IT

Responsive University Websites: A Competitive Analysis

This project examined the responsive websites of several top-tier American universities in order to collect a series of recommendations for a redesign of the website of the University of Texas at Austin. I worked with my field superviser to identify the top priorities of the University of Texas's digital communications team, and then compared strategies used by other universities that addressed these challenges. My final analysis includes best practices for the website's user interface and content presented on the website as well as recommendations for social media strategy.

Digital Entertainment Revenue Models and Forecasts

As part of an Information Resources in Business Resources class project, I prepared a competitive intelligence report about the global market size of end user spending on digital entertainment and media content. The report examined various revenue models in the E&M industry and presented the revenue breakdowns for key industry players.

Women in IT

I am passionate about expanding the role of women in the IT industry, and I have participated and led several events that promote this cause. In February 2013 I participated in Rails Girls Austin, a Ruby on Rails workshop for women. I led the School of Information team in the first annual International Women's Hackathon presented by Microsoft Research. Most recently, I hosted a screening of she++: The Documentary followed by a panel of women working in tech in Austin.


Photo of Victoria

A native Atlantan, I spent a few years in Seattle before attending the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin. After I receive a master's degree in Information Studies this May, I am moving to Fresno, California. My area of expertise is information architecture, and I have completed coursework in usability, interaction design, database management, and competitive intelligence.

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information architecture. usability testing, database design and maintenance, metadata schema, instructional services, digital imaging, social media, content management systems, user experience design


HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, Java, PHP, MySQL

Programs and Software

Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Oxygen, Drupal, Wordpress